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Good Faith Estimate Loan Selection
To calculate a Good Faith Estimate complete each of the following steps.
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Step #1 - Choose one or more loan products by checking the select box to the left of your choices.
Select Description Origination Points Term (Months)
15 Yr. Fixed Rate  1% 180
20 Yr. Fixed Rate  1% 240
30 Yr. Fixed Rate  1% 360
                                  Include Detail

The above rates are based on a Credit Score of 700 and higher.

Rates will be adjusted for Credit Score.
Credit Score 680 - 699 + 0.25%
660 - 679 + 0.50%
640 - 659 + 0.75%

"Rates are subject to change without notice"
Rates are updated periodically and reflect a rate indicitative to FFSL offerings.
Your rate can only be locked at application.

* A.P.R. (Annual Percentage Rate) calculations are based on a $100,000 loan, 20% downpayment, without P.M.I, Funding Fees or pre-paid interest. Individual loan requests may vary.
** Must meet underwriting guidelines to qualify for financing.

Step #2 - Enter the property value and loan amount. This information is required in order to complete your estimate. (NOTE: Use whole dollar amounts, do not use a $, decimal, or comma.)
*Property Value *Loan Amount

Step #3 - Check the box if your transaction involves any of the following:


Collateral has additional acreage, additional collateral,
manufactured home, or involves construction.

Step #4 - Enter any other information which may effect your estimate. Enter information only in the appropriate fields and leave blank those fields not needed. (NOTE: Use whole dollar amounts, do not use a $, decimal, or comma.)
Hazard Insurance Premium Earnest Deposit
Annual Property Taxes Buyers Costs Paid By Seller
Discount Points Paid By Seller
Survey Application Deposit

Step #4 - Click the button to calculate your estimate. Be patient, it may take a few seconds to complete the calculations.